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shirymitsu; for all your Lang/Edgeworth needs

Shi-Long Lang and Miles Edgeworth
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Welcome to Shirymitsu. We are a community dedicated to the Shi-Long Lang/Miles Edgeworth pairing, from the series Ace Attorney. You can post just about anything here. May it be a fanfic, fanart, fananything... Or just discussing the pairing. As long as it is related to shirymitsu, everything is welcome. Of course, we do have a few rules.

Be respectful. Don't cause drama or wank, keep things nice and clean.

If you didn't make it, credit it. If you don't know who made it, please provide the source of where you have found this image.

Use tags. This keeps our community nice and organized.

Anything of mature content should be friendlocked.

Long entries and big images have to be behind a Livejournal cut, so it doesn't clog up peoples friendlists and the community page itself.

If there are any questions, if there are complications of anything else of the sorts, feel free to contact glassesworth, and she will come to you as fast as she can.

Have fun!

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