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Fanfic: The Wolf And the Songbird

*pokes at* ...Is this thing still alive?

Um, hi. *waves* New to the comm, and more or less to the fandom as well. I've recently made my first venture into the world of AA fic and am now starting to post it. The main pairing is Lang/Edgeworth, though other pairings are featured as well.

Story Title: The Wolf And the Songbird: The Years Before Laws and Loyalties
Story Rating: R+ (Individual chapters range between G and R/possibly NC-17)
Story summary: As time passes, people change. Various events and moments in the lives of certain lawyers, prosecutors, and detectives, some more momentous than others.
Content notes, warnings, pairings, spoiler info, etc.: Here
Chapter list/posting notes: Here

Chapter: Starting the Hunt
Chapter Rating: PG
Chapter Summary: Shi-Long Lang is given a new mission he does not like. However, he is willing to make a compromise -- on one condition. He wants to choose his prosecutor.

He couldn't help but run his tongue over the tips of his teeth. He could almost taste the flesh of his prey in his jaws.
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Contest; Summer Activities!

Okay so we got 101 members now! Time for some activity, myes?

Alright, considering everyone thought summer would be a good theme, we're just going to wing it. Draw or write anything that has to do with the summer. Maybe a day at the beach, or something. Whatever you want! As long as it has to do with the summer.

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Upcoming contest

We currently have 98 members, which is very close to the 100 milestone! So to spice things up here, I'd like to start a contest once we hit that mark. However I don't know what kind of contest. |D;;

I'd need people to offer prizes (I can write something or make graphics myself, but if anyone else would like to contribute too that would be nice!) and I need some kind of prompt. Like, what people can base their art/fic on for the contest.

I'm the only moderator so any suggestions from other people would be awesome because I have no ideas ahaha. D: This place needs to be more active so I thought this would be a cool idea!

lang fanart

Hey guys! Been a while~ Not much activity here is there? ):
I come with a headshot of Lang, hair down.

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I forgot the source of lighting when I was doing the shading so it looks retarded XD;; Sorry!

Make this place more active guys! >3< *flails about*


So I am an Edgeworth rper, and I am absolutely dying to rp some Langworth. I mean, I need it like a burning. Only trouble is, I don't know anyone who plays Lang! D:

If anyone would like to rp, I'm currently into casual AIM rp, and I can go for anything from multiple paragraphs to simple, asterisked one-liners, depending on whatever floats your boat. I'm in the US Eastern time zone, and while I'm a little busy right now, school is about to end for me, so I shouldn't be busy for very much longer!

Anyway, if anyone's interested in maybe trying out some rp with me, feel free to hit me up on AIM @ FormidableFrills. :3
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Japanese Shirymitsu sites?

I was wondering if perhaps any of you know a good one? Preferably a few, really. I don't speak Japanese, so I can't read it, nor write it, therefore it's hard for me to go hunt for one myself. Trust me, I've tried. .__. So if anyone knew a site where I can find some pictures on that would be great. 8D;; Just a site with Lang fanart will do too, cause I love Lang. |D

Please and thank you~